Day 4 – Growing in Unity

Today I am just going to relax and stay at home!

Talk about soft, light and airy with tons of pattern and texture, I feel this room sings happy and light heartedness. I can’t wait to plop down and enjoy a cup of coffee with a hint of sweetened condensed milk.

This kit is “Warmth of Home” by Beth Duff.  At its release, I immediately imagined all the paper piecing opportunities it brought. I will decorate this room for every holiday, the four seasons, a cabin retreat, a beach house getaway, a college apartment…

I chose Memento Rose Bud ink to stamp everything on this card.  I use black and brown ink 99% of the time, so I challenged myself to try another color.

The floor is “Barn Wall” by Brutus Monroe. The rug, placed under the sofa at an angle, is to add interest and thus no fear of it being crooked or off-centered.

I used one embellishment, the blue floss bow. It is self restraint when I use just one embellishment.  And it’s not even sparkly or shiny! I added a few specks to the sentiment, it looked a little too bright for the rest of the card. Here are the supplies I used.  They look a little lonely.  I added paper scraps for company.“Barn Wall” by Brutus Monroe is timeless and I love the contrast of the dark and light boards.“Warmth of Home” by Beth Duff. Notice the pillows have a deer and a tree on them! I paper pieced over the images for my card today but will definitely use them when I make a cabin themed card or Christmas card. Also the stamp I used for the rug makes a great wall hanging over the sofa.

Thank you again for spending time with me and please don’t forget to comment to win Unity stamps.

Enjoy your day today!


“Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.”

35 thoughts on “Day 4 – Growing in Unity

  1. There is so much to look at on your card. I have not tried paper piercing but this inspires me to try it. Loved how you used the background stamp for the floor. Again I say… are so creative!


  2. This is so darn cute. I love to paper piece and you have all the colors perfect. I have never seen paper floss that is interesting. Love this card makes me just want to sit on couch with blanket and read….


  3. Wow thank you for showing me the possibilities with these two stamp sets I love the idea of making the room seasonal I really enjoy paper piecing and fussy cutting. You made such a cozy feeling with this card it make me feel like staying home!


  4. My first impression of this couch stamp set was not good. It sparked nothing short of using it as a backdrop. You have opened up whole new possibilities. I love to fussy cut but have never actually paper pieced. This card makes me want to. Thank you for sharing your talents.


  5. What a darling card. I love how you used the “rose bud” ink and can change the scene with changing patterned paper. Great stamps, papers, and design. Great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Thisbis a stamp set ive been wanting. I absolutely love what you did with it here. So many details. Lots of work but So So worth it. Just love it!


  7. This is so lovely, Rachel! You have created the perfect shabby, chic home! I am ready to curl up in your card with a cat, a cuppa tea and a great book!


  8. It’s so nice to see how others use cards that I initially find limited. Great suggestions for the different options for this set – may have to use those ideas for a similar set I have! Thanks for sharing your creativity!!


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