The Friends of Unity Blog Hop • October 2021!

The cue this month is Technique! Do you have a favorite cardmaking technique? I can’t choose, I think I love them all! So I created four cards and I highlighted a technique for each one.

Card #1 – Heat Embossing

Heat embossing is an easy technique with magical results! An image is stamped with glue-like ink. Powder is sprinkled on the ink and then heated until it melts into a raised surface. If you give someone an embossed card, they’ll usually ask “How did you do that?!”
For this card, I stamped the image with Versamark ink and sprinkled Brutus Monroe alabaster embossing powder over the image. Next I used distress inks to color the mittens and cocoa. I covered the stamped area and splattered white acrylic paint over the card. Keeping it clean and simple, I decided against adding embellishments!

This image gives me a crisp, cool, happy, wintery feel. The hot drink keeps the hands warm and the heart cookie fills the tummy with love!
Supplies I used
Mittens, Cocoa and Heartsby Angie Blom for Unity Stamp Company
This image in warm earth tones, would make a great Fall card. It would also be perfect for Valentine’s Day in reds.

Card #2 – Stenciling

Relatively new to the cardmaking scene is stenciling! Originally one layer images, now there are stencil kits with multiple layers and coordinating stamps.
To create this card, I blended distress oxide inks over tulips and poppy layering stencil sets. This is a quick, easy and fun technique producing awesome results. I used only one layer for the leaves, achieving a subtle fade into the background. This highlights the flowers. The tulip on the top right, I changed the colors to give it a new look and maybe trick the viewer into thinking it’s another type of flower! Finally, a Gina Marie border die and a popped up sentiment stamped in festive berries oxide ink.
I love this sentiment and the two fonts together go perfectly with this floral card. It’s those little moments that we remember, isn’t it?!
Supplies I used
Tulip and Poppy stencils by Unity Stamp Company
A floral card is beautiful all year long and for any occasion.

Card #3 – No line coloring

No-line coloring gives an image a life-like effect. The idea is to color so that the outside lines disappear. Most mediums work with this technique.
I began by stamping the image with Ink On 3’s, Fadeout ink. (Any light colored ink will work.) Before taking the image out of the Misti stamping platform, I colored the eyes and nostrils on the stamp with a dark marker and stamped it over the light ink. I did this because I wanted to get all the crisp detail for the eyes. As I began painting, it works best to start from the edges. Pull paint from the edge and move the paint towards the middle with water to allow the gradient you desire. One important tip is to define the lines with as much color as possible. If you are trying this technique out for the first time, choose a simple image with large areas to color and little detail. I am practicing no-line coloring, it’s a challenge but I love the way it looks when completed.
This moose is so sweet, I love his long eyelashes. Did I tell you I have an adorable 10 lb. dog named Moose?! He doesn’t know how small he is and he thinks he is human.
Supplies I used
Cuddlebug Moose by Tierra Jackson for Unity Stamp Company
Add a few leaves for Fall, white snowflakes for Winter, flowers for Spring and blue skies and sun for Summer. This moose is a year round event!

Card #4 – Ink blending background (reacting with water)

Creating backgrounds by ink blending is one of my favorite techniques. No two backgrounds will be the same, the variations are endless.
To create this card, I stamped the girl on watercolor paper. Choosing Fall colors, I blended ink onto the paper and spritzed it with water. The reaction of distress ink and water is mesmerizing. I repeated this step a few times and watercolored the girl using like colors. I stamped the sentiment and framed it with a Gina Marie die. Burlap twine wrapped twice around and a bow directly under the sentiment, finishes the card.
Autumn colors surround, as this girl gets lost in a book not thinking of anything else. The green top and green strand of hair, the mustard pants and red sneakers mimic the background. This reminds me of my daughters. One daughter has streaks of green in her hair and my other daughter has red streaks. They both love to read!
Start Something New” by Angie Blom for Unity Stamp Company
Supplies I used
Ink blending opens the doors for creating all kinds of colorful backgrounds. I used distress inks for this card. If you haven’t tried distress oxide inks, this is a must! The oxides have a chalky appearance. When they are spritzed with water, the color reacts and layers of underlying color appears.
A card for every season, which one is your favorite?

Hope you enjoyed this stop of the hop. As much as I would like you to stay, please visit the next friend. Don’t forget to comment on each blog for a chance to win a prize!




Dawn B.


Colleen B.

Dawn F.




And now for the winner of last month’s hop….Kelsey Thomas! Congratulations Kelsey!!! Please message me your information and I will send out your prize!

Thank you all so much for joining in the fun. Did you see a new technique you would like try? I hope you did and are excited to get crafting! There are so many techniques being invented and shared in the crafting community. I am invigorated and always looking forward to the next trend.

Stay safe and healthy. See you next month!


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“In the midst of chaos lies creativity.”

22 thoughts on “The Friends of Unity Blog Hop • October 2021!

  1. Amazing techniques!!! I adore all of your cards, Rachel!! That last one though is my absolute fave! Great colors!


  2. WOW… Great cards. Lets see… heat embossing, done it, love it (love that stamp). stenciling, done it, love it (I have the tulips stencil & stamp). no line coloring, haven’t done it, not a fan of it. I love me a nice black outline, so this technique is not for me. Ink blending background (reacting with water), done it, like it, but not my first go to.


  3. Oh my goodness! Such a wonderful variety of techniques you showed to us in this post! I love the look and colors of the first card. And that moose! Wow! You are truly talented!


  4. So many inspiring cards! You love of flowers really shows in the combination of the floral stencils. I have not gotten the nerve up to try no line coloring you are a master!! That moose is adorable and I love the stitches around the sentiment on the one too.


  5. I love all of these Rachel but the one I am most intrigued by and want to try is the no line coloring. It looks so amazing and when you break it down it doesn’t look impossible! I’ll let you know!


  6. I’ve done ink blending and loved the outcome. I’ve done heat embossing, but still struggle with little flecks, despite using the prepping cloth. I’ve bought stencils, but haven’t used them, yet. Can’t wait to try after seeing yours! No line coloring will be a definite challenge for me since I have Essential Tremors in my hands.


  7. All beautiful cards! This has been like a great workshop for learning – thanks for sharing all of your great techniques. I love the way that you stamped the eye/nose details on the little moose – perfectly rounds out a great no-line coloured image.


  8. Loooove embossing, you are right, it is so fun when the recipient turns it to catch the light!
    Aren’t you a smarty to change colors for a mystery flower… genius!
    Then THOSE EYE LASHES, so so soooo precious! Never have done no line yet, because I’m still making mud when I can see the line, yikes cant imagine taking it away yet, tee hee.
    Your daughters will love them, so sweetly personalized to the stripe of their hair us truly a hug from the heart.


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